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Family Matters - Edition 02

Welcome to the ‘Family Matters’ resource from Highfields Church

Family Matters - 2. Passion 2013
Volume 2 - Passion 2013
Family Matters - Welcome
Welcome to the first ever ‘Family Matters’ resource from Highfields church.
Family Matters - Memory & Talking Matters
Some Bible verses to try and learn about love.
Family Matters - Story Matters
Pick one of these questions to start a conversation with your family, make sure everybody has a say and don’t be afraid to go wherever the conversation takes you!
Family Matters - Mission Matters 1
The story of Ruth is a real life love story from the Bible. It doesn’t start as a classic boy meets girl story, but it does finish there, with Boaz and Ruth having their happy ending.
Family Matters - Mission Matters 2
It’s great to get into a Bible text together as a family. Read the passage together and go through the questions. You don’t have to do it all in one go, split it up over a number of nights if you like, whatever works best for you!
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