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Family Matters - Edition 03

Welcome to the ‘Family Matters’ resource from Highfields Church

Family Matters - 3. Prayer
Volume 3 - Prayer
Family Matters - Welcome
Welcome to this edition of family matters. This time round we’re going to look at the topic of prayer.
Family Matters - Memory Matters
How have you done so far with learning verses as a family? Here are some new ones to give a go this month on our topic of prayer.
Family Matters - Talking Matters
Pick one of these questions to start a conversation with your family, make sure everybody has a say and don’t be afraid to go wherever the conversation takes you!
Family Matters - Story Matters
Grab a Bible or kids story Bible and read the stories below about prayer. Think about what type of prayer is being prayed, what is being asked for and how God answers it.
Family Matters - Study Matters
The Lord’s prayer is one of the most famous prayers in the world.
Family Matters - Prayer Matters 1
Over the last few months in Kid’s Church we have been doing lots of creative praying!
Family Matters - Prayer Matters 2
Pray Around the Clock
Family Matters - Parenting Matters 1
Without realising it I pray for my kids constantly, you probably do the same.
Family Matters - Parenting Matters 2
Without realising it I pray for my kids constantly, you probably do the same.
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